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Entry #2

Battle for Great Britron

2013-06-24 17:35:36 by JovialBackache

This year's Independence Day sees the release of our 6 part animation.

London Boroughs come alive and start battling each other, but are brought together when they realise they have a common enemy. Only one group of super heroes is paying enough attention, and wants to stop the robots, but unfortunately, they are rubbish.

Jetlag Man, sleep-deprived fighter of evil leads his team: Hypoglycemic Woman, Narcholepic Girl, Alcho Boy, and Coma Dude. Wherever danger strikes, they're always a few hours behind.

Tune in to see what goes down, in the Battle for Great Britron!

Battle for Great Britron


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2014-04-28 02:33:10

I'm sorry I haven't written before! Really enjoyed the series so far, and hope you are continuing to work on this fine project. Let NG know about how you've been doing lately!

JovialBackache responds:

Hi VicariousE, thank you for watching and apologies for the late response.

The series is currently on hiatus and we're working on redesigning the characters, the series will continue just not sure when, will keep you posted. :)